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Apollos Imaging Wedding Teaser 2020

Luxury Wedding Highlight Film (2019)

Luxury Wedding Highlight Film 2019


Short Film

Another Super Hero Movie

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Our company specialises in Luxury Wedding Highlight Films and full length Wedding 360 VR video and 360 VR images of your beautiful wedding day. Explore our “Portfolio” page and discovery why we are the best in our artform in the Inland Northwest.

Literally all our clients absolutely love their wedding highlight film and 360 VR content, contact us today to get started!


Do you have a project you are creating? Maybe you need some advice or help with workflow, ideas, technical solutions, editing software, or anything!

Let me know what you need and let’s make it happen!


My portfolio showcases various commercial and personal projects created throughout my career. Subscribe to my site and my social accounts to stay updated when I create new content.


Film Festivals

The past two years (2018 – 2019) we had a great opportunity to create a short film in both events. With our outstanding team and dedication, our films are a real treat for the audience. Both films are under 6 minutes long, incorporate their event’s theme and secret criteria, according to the rules. See for yourself below!

About Us

Forget competing with other people, it will just make you bitter, self pity, and unhappy. Do your own thing and do it as well as you possible can.” Micheal Caine

From the beginning, back in 2013, I loved telling stories through my lens whether it was a photograph or a video it didn’t matter to me as long as I had the chance to tell it.

Leading up to and after graduating in 2017 from SFCC in Spokane WA with my diploma in hand, I have created over 9 short films, filmed over 8 weddings, directed 2 music videos, and produced a commercial for a veterinarian business in Dayton WA.

I get a real kick from involving people in my projects, there is something special about forming a crew to direct to help create my stories. I am convinced the amazing people I have worked with are a good part of the reason my content is as creative and good as it is, including my passion for the art form.