Over 5 HOURS of Detail Shots!

Now that I have all my footage safely stored in my hard drive, it’s time to go through all this footage and find the absolute best shots for the highlight. All the detail footage from camera A was recorded at 60fps, then in post interpret the footage at 24fps in order to slow down the footage to give it an organic “slow-mo” effect and it looks gorgeous! Note: for crisp slow motion the general rule is to have your shutter speed 2x that of your fps. However, IF you have a some kind of rig to keep your camera steady I recommend shooting at much higher shutter speeds for two reasons. First the higher it is the more depth of field you can have with your aperture. Second with the higher SS the image will become more crisp, yet there is a trade off. The higher SS works not so well if the subject is moving a lot or if the camera is unstable giving the footage a jittery look. Either way it is a great trick but definitely practice it a few times and get a feel for it.

Now my problem is I like most of these shots and I have to cut out and trim down to a handful of mins while still telling this couple’s powerful and emotional wedding story. Now this is actually a good thing, editors listen up, if we are able to tell the whole story beautifully in a handful of mins rather than 10 + mins, you have an edge on the competition.

For me at a certain point of going through the footage I know exactly what I need for the score, for this wedding highlight I found this great song at Premium Beat. If you haven’t heard of them, I highly recommend you check their music library, all music is royalty free and for a great price not only do you get the song but shorts, loops, and, my favorite, stems.

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on my editing process, color grading, editing to the music (that’s where the magic happens) and more! Also I am going to tell you about my horrible experience with Borrow Lens and how they nearly cost me this wedding. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know, I am happy to help!